Food Vendors at Art in the Park, Petrolia

July 13 - 14

Guild Chocolates

Guild Chocolates Food Selection - Home-made chocolates

A selection of tarts, cookies, brownies, scones, and gluten-free pastries.
Phone: 519-331-3444
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July 13 - 14

New York Dogs on Wheels

New York Dogs on Wheels Food Selection - Hot food and fries

French Fries
Hot Dogs
Phone: 519-466-8022
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July 13 - 14


Sitara Food Selection - Indian Cuisine

Sitara celebrated 6th year anniversary this May, 2018. In the past 6 years, Sitara as a restaurant has come long ways. Sitara has expanded from merely 30 seats to 110 seats over this time period with the latest creation of an Event Room/ Banquet Hall joining the original dining room. Sitara continues to be rated number one restaurant on Trip Advisor in Sarnia with over 350 reviews since its opening. Sitara food is not spicy. Sitara food is prepared fresh to every individual order. Therefore, we are able to adjust the heat level to everyone's liking. When we take the order, we ask you the spice level. But our food is fresh and very flavorfull. There are many vegetarian, dairy free, and vegan options. About 98% of the menu is gluten free. Sitara kitchen is a nut free kitchen. Sitara caters to small or large in house, office parties. Sitara is located at 1308 London Rd in Sarnia Ont.
Phone: 519 491 5650
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July - 14

The Crumby Cookie Dough Co.

The Crumby Cookie Dough Co. Food Selection - Edible Cookie Dough

We are The Crumby Cookie Dough Company, and we make ridiculously delicious edible cookie dough - safe and tasty to eat just as it is - no need for baking.

You could call us an un-bakery.

Most of you probably dabble in recreational cookie dough enjoyment anyway, making us mere enablers. (We're ok with that.)

You may also, should you choose to do so, turn on the oven and bake up a legit cookie instead. Both options are highly recommended. (You could even make a cookie cookie dough sandwich - whaaaaaaaaaaaat??)

We use real ingredients so we can feel good about what we are feeding to your family. Our focus is on fair trade, natural, local products, so we feel good about that too! (this whole thing is really just about making us feel good.)

Go forth. Enjoy the dough. Do not apologize for your dark secrets.
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July 13 - 14


Yogurtz Food Selection - Yogurt

Yogurtz is an locally owned family-run business. We are not a franchise and take great pride in the uniqueness of our store with our well-stocked candy toppings bar, separate nut selections and our chilled fresh fruit bar. We consider our self-serve frozen Yogurt to be the best in Lambton County for quality, most creamy and best in flavour.
Yogurtz is mobile and able to attend all of your events at your chosen location. We have many options that can be served out of the Yogurtz mobile food truck including frozen yogurt in many different flavours. Hawaiian shaved ice, served in a large flower cup with your choice of flavoured syrups drizzled on top, with the rainbow flavouring being the favourite.
We also serve ballpark franks and sausages, nachos with cheese sauce, popcorn, deep fried Oreos and beverages.
Phone: 519-332-3000
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